Nuit blanche: Nuit de la percussion, Paris

October 2, 2021

Durbe, Latvia Zemlika Festival

October 17th 2020

Saint Baaf’s Abby, Ghent Belgium

September 26, 2019 20:00 h

PORGY & BESS, Vienna, Austria

September 12, 2019 20:30 h

GULBENKIAN MUSIC Jazz em Agost, Lisbon, Portugal

August 9, 2019 18:30

TECTONICS –  Musik festival, Glasgow

May 4, 2019

unerhört – ein Zürcher Jazzfestival,  Rote Fabrik  Zürich Switzerland

December 1, 7:30 pm 2018

Naves Matadero, Madrid

November 25, 2018

Festival Rittmarshausen Jazz ohne Gleichen

August 25, 26 2018

CD Release June 15, 2018!


1 Castings 12 : 12
2 Passage 32 : 33
3 The Gaze 17:06
4 Just Listen 5:59

Excerpt from liner notes by Bert Noglik, March 2018

Much from the environment around us seems woven into these sounds and rhythms. Played with four hands and four feet, as well as two fully committed bodies, drums and percussion turn into a universal instrument with archaic roots and, at the same time, a resonator for the most contemporary vibes. The omnipotence and omnipresence of the rhythm. Heartbeat and pulse, the cycle of Nature, but also the world of processors and the fine crackling of circuits, the hum of data ways, street noise and lounge grooves, halted traffic and the free flight of birds, air vibrating in Manhattan and Berlin-Kreuzberg. By creating a world of its own out of these percussion particles, the music both reflects and intervenes. Immerse yourself in it and wondrous spaces open up in which reality starts merging with fantasy.