playing the sound sculpture September 2023 Berlin

one of our favorite lockdown activities was creating this film. the text is based on the novel

“El Idioma de la Lluvia” by roland schimmelpfenning. the music is by us.”

Roland Schimmelpfennig  voice
Adriana Jácome – voice
Robyn Schulkowsky – percussion
Joey Baron – percussion

Watch and listen to the full concert at ‘framed’, November 2020

Excerpt from the video “Riffian, August 2017” playing the sculptures of artist Eduard Habicher.

film short by Craig Zarkos

…how it all began…

Jazzfestival Moers 2014

Drums Summit 2008 Bonn

ARMADILLO: Robyn Schulkowsky – Fredy Studer – Joey Baron

Rhythmlab Grand Central Station, NYC 2005